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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so here's a simple brekkie meal prep for you to help you start your day 👊🏻📸& recipe: @based_on_balance . 🥬 🥚 Sweet Potato Quiche
1.5 cups of Sweet Potatoes
1 tbsp avocado oil (or coconut)
3 cups of egg whites
2 eggs
2 cups of greens (kale/ spinach....etc)
1/2 cup chopped peppers
1/2 cup light feta
1/4 cup of chopped green onions
1 tbsp garlic
1 tsp salt
- Pre-heat oven at 350
- Cut sweet potato into dollars
- Mix Sweet Potato and oil - Spread out the Sweet Potatoes evenly and bake for 15 mins - Chop up all the other veggies - Mix the rest of the ingredients together and add it to the cooked Sweet Potato - Bake for 45 mins (may vary oven to oven)
Makes 6 servings
Ready. Set. Sweat #warriors Come join us for a post-turkey workout, the gym is open from 10 am - 2 pm tomorrow! #HappyThanksgiving🦃
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If you’re like us, chances are you’ve polished off a slice (or two) or pumpkin pie this weekend. Good thing we’re open from 10-2 pm tomorrow for a post-Turkey sweat🦃 who’s in? 🙋‍♀️ #HappyThanksgiving

What People Are Saying

Best CrossFit box EVER!!! Paul goes above and beyond to keep his equipment plentiful, always adding new toys. The space is MASSIVE allowing space for different groups and solo work. He runs a class every hour on the hour from 6am until late. No excuses for not being able to fit in a WOD. Great, welcoming community. Awesome coaching. Just so good.
My wife and I dropped in for a class on our way through for our vacation and had a great time. We arrived a little early and were able to explore the gym (which is huge!) and do our own thing until the class started. There was a movement we weren’t familiar with and the coach took the time to explain it and work on our form. Everyone was friendly and accommodating to us. Will definitely stop in again!
Great programming! Awesome atmosphere and a huge gym. Will drop in whenever I can and would recommend it for all levels of athletes.
I recently had a training session with Paul and was really impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. During our session we worked on two Olympic moves (Snatch/Squat Clean). He broke down each move step by step and would ensure I corrected my lift before moving onto the next portion of the lift. With his coaching I was able to increase my Snatch PR by 30 LBS and Squat Clean by 50 LBS. Thanks again Paul for your help!
– Neil