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     Posted on Mon ,30/11/2009 by paul

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Received by email from Rob S. (Paramedic)

As a Paramedic, I truly appreciate the premise upon which CrossFit is built. Exercise through functional movement has developed my muscular strength and endurance and has done so through routines which represent many of my day to day activities. Safe, effective lifting instruction utilizing good form decreases the risk of injury and cardiovascular endurance training facilitates maintenance of good form and technique for extended periods.  The beauty of the exercise regimen is that it works for everyone! (Not just Paramedics)  I am very pleased with my physical gains and improvements attained through CrossFit. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent,  results oriented exercise program.

Joseph Friedberg

     Posted on Sun ,29/11/2009 by paul

As you all know, or actually none of you probably know or care, but I never plug a particular cause. I just haven’t found something in this category that I believe in. HOWEVER, I have a good friend, who is incredibly qualified as a fitness instructor, and more importantly, as a crossfit trainer. For those of you who don’t know what crossfit is, you need to head on down to the CF colosseum at kipling and lakeshore, or leave a message here or message Paul McIntyre directly. For those of you who do know, you might know that I was away for several months this past summer on an Army training course. Before that 4 month course, I took a 2 week course, where Paul (RSM) was the lead instructor. What Paul did for me in 2 weeks was more effective for my general body image, and overall health than 4 months of intensive training. Crossfit is the SMART way to work out. I suggest you give it a shot.


     Posted on Sun ,29/11/2009 by paul


Nutrition lecture
Ryan gave an informative nutritional lecture at the gym today.  Everyone left with a better understanding of their dietary needs.  Why Paleo/Zone was the way to a healthier lifestyle and increased performance.

Home work for the group was to stay on the Zone for a month.