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     Posted on Tue ,22/12/2009 by paul

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
5 Clean & Jerks M=165# F=115#
10 Pull-ups


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For Time

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds

Deadlift 1.5 x Body weight

Bench Press 1 x Body weight

Clean Squat .75 x Body weight


     Posted on Sat ,19/12/2009 by paul

close protectionRest Day

Received by email from Gord (Canadian Forces)

The Canadian Forces Close Protection program is made up of highly motivated and physically fit soldiers working together in small teams to provide security for VIPs in a high threat environment.  The course is challenging and many don’t even complete the selection.  Being at peak physical condition allows candidates to perform better and think clearer when in stressful situations compared to those who are just trying to keep up.

I was the PT Instructor for the most recent CP course and the PT program is largely based on CrossFit.  Many of the candidates that were selected for the course had some experience with it and the rankings showed who was best prepared.  CrossFit is the most effective program for developing fitness and the ability to take on any physical challenge.  I trained for my selection and course through CrossFit and had no difficulty with the PT.  While deployed to Afghanistan I coached the other team members the same way I trained and they all went home in the best condition of their lives.

I recommend that anyone trying to achieve new levels of fitness go to CrossFit Colosseum.  The facility is set up with the right equipment and an incredible amount of open space.  The staff can help you learn the techniques properly and safely so you don’t waste time or risk injury.  Don’t underestimate the value of competitive training with other motivated people, I found this to be the key difference between average and exceptional progress.


     Posted on Fri ,18/12/2009 by paul

Hopper Deck Friday

9spadesFor Time


Box Jumps

Kettlebell Swings

Sumo Deadlift High-pull (85#/65#)


     Posted on Thu ,17/12/2009 by paul

TPS going through the WOD scaled

Team Workout

3 Rounds

500m Row (Moves to Box Jump) rotation on completion of row

Push Jerk (100#) (Moves to Row)

Box Jump 20″ (Moves to Push Jerk)

Number of  Box jumps and Push jerk are added together for totals


     Posted on Wed ,16/12/2009 by paul
2006 AESOR Finland

Military Heptathlon. Final instructions before hand grenade throw.


3 Rounds for time

800m run

50 Back extensions

50 Sit ups


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Rest Daybuz killington

Received by email from Michael (soldier preparing to deploy)

I Discovered CrossFit around the summer of 2005, after searching for fitness program to get me back into shape after a major surgery. After my first few WODs I was hooked and knew this was the program for me, even though my “Globo-gym” wasn’t adequate I still made progress.  This progress increased when I built my own home gym, and began doing regular WODs.  By early 2008 I had cast off my old unfit self and I was steadily holding my own, in workouts with my army unit during PT. At first people were skeptical, since I had never been known, as a “fit” person, but that skepticism soon vanished over time, as my numbers in various WODs kept going up. Soon people were coming to me for workout advice. Where regular infantry work would leave me gassed, I now find I have energy to spare. I have gone from being barely able to complete a 5km run, to setting a personal best 10km at 47mins. I went from barely being able to complete 1 pull-up in 2005, to setting a personal best 15 dead hang pull-ups last year.  If it were not for CrossFit, I would not be training to deploy to Afghanistan at this moment. I owe what I am today to this program.


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For timecert


Snatch (85#/65#) and Pull up


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Thruster (95#/65#) and pull ups


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Run 5k

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