CrossFit Colosseum
#Feed the Warrior Within!


     Posted on Fri ,29/01/2010 by paul

Hopper deck Friday


30 Reps for Time

135# Snatch

Gymnastic Cert this weekend with Jeff Tucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!


     Posted on Thu ,28/01/2010 by paul

Rest Day

“CrossFit definitely improved my ability to perform my duties as a professional firefighter both in preparation for physical fitness testing, training as a recruit and on-scene during day-to-day emergency operations. I started really appreciating the difference as my core strength and aerobic capacity increased; both are crucial in my job where heavy lifting, awkward body position, extreme environmental conditions, level of exertion, and repetitive movements can all add up to induce stress on the body. CrossFit takes you that level. You come out of it stronger, able to work safer, less susceptible to injury and confident to survive it all. The functional movements, constant variety and solid results that come with CrossFit enabled me to reach an exceptional level of fitness and motivation way beyond what conventional “gym” exercises could provide.”

Samuel Kim
(Markham) Professional Firefighter


     Posted on Wed ,27/01/2010 by paul

CrossFit Total

Back Squat 1-1-1

Press 1-1-1

Deadlift 1-1-1

Coaches notes – best lift of each are added together for total


     Posted on Tue ,26/01/2010 by paul

For Time

Run 400

21 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

21 Kettle bell Swings (2 pood)

Run 400

15 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

15 Kettle bell Swings (2 pood)

Run 400

9 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

9 Kettle bell Swings (2 pood)


     Posted on Mon ,25/01/2010 by paul

5 rounds for time

30 Wall Ball (11′ tgt w/20#)

30 Box Jump (20″ box)


     Posted on Sun ,24/01/2010 by paul

Rest Day

Every time you think about skipping a WOD or how tough it is, think about how easy you have it.


     Posted on Sat ,23/01/2010 by paul

Front Squat



     Posted on Fri ,22/01/2010 by paul

Hopper Deck Friday

For time:

10 Cleans, run 200

9 Cleans, run 200

8 Cleans, run 200

7 Cleans, run 200

etc…. until you get to

1 Cleans, run 200


     Posted on Thu ,21/01/2010 by paul

For Time – Row 2K

Shoulder Press


Push Press


Push Jerk


Coaches notes – No Rest after row and 1 min rest between each round of the press series


     Posted on Wed ,20/01/2010 by paul

Rest Day

Coaches notes – Active recovery and 10-20 min of stretching.  Get out the  roller as well.