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     Posted on Sun ,28/02/2010 by paul

Rest Day



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Ben’s Paleo Challenge

     Posted on Fri ,26/02/2010 by Kate

25th Feb 2010

This morning started like all others. I’ve never been to adventurous in the kitchen so I stick to what I  know works. At  “Zombie” hour the simplest thing I can make is eggs. so eggs that start out with green and yellow peppers in them with some spinach, chopped up nice and small cause ill use the other halves for tomorrow. while there cooking ill boil some water and cut up half a lemon into quarters to put in my water bottle for the day. somehow i always sneak in a small handful of almonds while I’m cooking.

Lunch was actually really filling for me, I took a whole salmon fillet out of the freezer and put it on a head of broccoli threw in a little olive oil and water and let it boil itself to perfection on low heat. Took about twenty minutes or so but it was worth it. when it had first thawed out I put some oregano and pepper on it.  Then covered it with a lid and went on to back my bags.  When I was finished the fish was just looking yummy ,so I ate it and it was so filling I just sat there for a few and enjoyed.

Dinner I was planning on having steak put forgot I had run out yesterday so I subbed out with a spinach salad with chicken mushrooms and yellow peppers cover by a squeezed lemon. I kinda got a thing for lemons.  I also stirred up a smoothly, it had some strawberries,pears and mango. turned out like ice cream.

Today I felt pretty good all round. my breathing is fine,even with the dog jumping on me and thinking I’m house  furniture. and the cats haven’t bugged me very much at all. my energy has been more constant throughout the days from starting this food plan but now I’m feeling better then I have in almost three weeks. It has not taken very long to feel better .Now to me its just a matter keeping it up.


     Posted on Fri ,26/02/2010 by paul

Hopper Deck Friday

Bella's first solo handstand

3 of Diamonds

For Time

400m Walking Lunges

Ben’s Paleo Challenge

     Posted on Thu ,25/02/2010 by Kate


My name is Ben frank and I am taking on the Paleo diet challenge, but first a little about myself.  I am 175 lbs. I have a 33inch waist and 7 inch wrist and if any of you have ever met me you know my eating habits are not the best. There was a time when I would last only on timbits, pop, coffee, and Phad Thai. With this eating habit I noticed my allergies getting more and more irritating. I would have a hard time breathing and constantly sneeze throughout the days. I have Doberman and a few cats that I live with that I was having the worst time dealing with there dander which would only make my breathing worse.

My exercise routine is very random because getting home and still feeling motivated at late hours and not being able to breathe properly puts a damper on things. But none the less when there is the time I make the best of it. I started the beginning of my 30 day challenge on the 4th of February 2010 and have stayed true to it so far. The paleo diet or “caveman” diet as some people refer to it is a very simple life style. It pretty much in short takes all the bread and gluten and sugar out of you normal eating habits.

When I started this I was a bit confused on the rules of the paleo diet but after talking to Ryan Harris and having him make me check out a person named Robb Wolf the diet was incredibly simple to maintain and stick to. The only downside to this for me was all the cooking. For the first week I had a very small but regimented eating habit.  In the morning I would always have scrambled eggs with green and red peppers in it and use just a little olive oil to warm the pan. I started eating a mix of baby carrots and nut for small snakes until lunch. For lunch I would have chicken that was cooked on the stove top and dazzled with spices ranging from just simple pepper to oregano and tarragon but the changed very often. for dinner I would always have steak and broccoli, I tried collie flower once or twice but for some weird reason I was always going to bed with the worst smelling gas I have ever smelt, I assume it was my body adjusting to the differences from it original diet but to stay safe I haven’t had any since, though I do have a gas mask I fear the worst for my dog and his nose being more sensitive than mine.

Desserts I have never really been big on until week two, week two has been the best for my tongue and this diet yet. I branched out into making salads. I found by looking on the Robb Wolf website that there are endless possibilities to what can be created. I was taking romaine lettuce and throwing in some mushrooms with chicken strips and grapes with squeezed lemons and I was in heaven. Spinach also became a new favorite, mind you I have spent a great deal of my life avoiding spinach because I didn’t like the taste but as soon as the lemon was tossed into the mix it was wonderful. I also branched out into different types of fish and berries, my dad found a magic bullet somewhere in the house and I’ve been mixing berries bananas strawberries carrots and apples into it and getting great results. Salmon tastes great when you put it in the oven and toss onions lemons tarragon and tomato’s in to bake with it. These have just been typical things that I would eat on a daily basis because I was hungry.

So far within the first week my allergies have gone down dramatically, I used to have to take a puffer two or three times throughout the day just breath but since the first day I noticed that I was taking my puffer less and less. Now I only use it once or twice a week right before bed to make sure I don’t cough the night away. In short this diet has already helped with my allergies and given me a more constant energy through the weekdays. I’ve avoided coffee like the plague since the start because I’ve had the worst reactions to it since before this diet so I cut it completely but also haven’t had the need for it. For work in the days I just bring a nalgene full of hot lemon water and a very small amount of natural honey, none of that corn syrupy stuff. More expensive but also better for you.

When I started this diet I did what is called a baseline workout at CrossFit Colosseum. In 6 min and 30 sec I completed a 500 meter row 40 squats 30 sit ups 20 push up and 10 pull-ups with a purple rubber bad thing to assist me.  Ryan helped with the last five. Not great but after I was beat to the bone and dry heaving and had to use my puffer to calm down. It took the better part of an hour before I felt back to normal again and have been keeping a basic routine since then consisting of pull-ups squats push ups and sit ups. On the 30th day of this diet I will attempt another baseline workout and see the differences between then and now. I’m not expecting huge results but I am expecting to recover faster then what it took last time. I will also keep writing on this page to give you all a more detailed update of what I’m eating how much I’m eating and what I’m doing to keep you all informed of my progress.

So far I highly recommend this diet to anyone who has the same problems that I do and for a very simplified version of understanding the Paleo diet just type it into to and check out Robb wolfs site on the net, Or come down to the Colosseum and talk to the qualified instructors there, they love questions and are more then happy to give you straight up honest answers.


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Overhead Squats



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Rest Day

24 day till the Ontario Sectionals


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Shoulder Press


Coaches notes – Max 3min rest between rds.


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For Time

PLQ Fitness Leadership

Death by 400

4 rds

400m Row

400M Run


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Tabata Head to Toe

Handstand Push Ups


Coaches notes – Alternate between HSP and Squats. 8 rds of 20s Work 10 Rest