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#Feed the Warrior Within!


     Posted on Wed ,30/06/2010 by paul


The video below is rather enjoyable to watch. (Not quite as funny as yesterdays however)

Covers some of the Paleo points, and applies a little common sense.


     Posted on Tue ,29/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

For time

30 Back Squats @ body weight (or scaled accordingly)
1000 meter row
30 Burpees


     Posted on Mon ,28/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

Death by Clean & Jerk

1 x C & J – 1 min

2 x C & J – 2 min

3 x C & J – 3 min

Keep going till you can’t finish the prescribe number in the minute


     Posted on Sun ,27/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

5rds for Time

40 Double Unders

30 Box Jump (24″)

20 Kettle Bell Swings (24kg)


     Posted on Sat ,26/06/2010 by paul

Why do people have a false pretense that running shoes will protect their feet from heavy weight?

If you drop a weight on your foot, it doesn’t care if you have running shoes on or not. Its still going to hurt.

The idea that running shoes give all this extra support and protection for your feet is beyond me. I’ve seen time and time again, better performance, and more importantly better form with more weight lifted time and time again when someone takes OFF their running shoes when the weight gets heavy. Unless you are going to go by a pair of converse, O-lifting shoes or my personal favorite Vibrams when the weight gets heavy take the shoes off. You will lift more and I won’t watch your ankle rotate in your running shoe and send chills down my spine.

Besides if you drop heavy weight on your foot, I’m fairly certain a running shoe won’t save you, so you might as well be barefoot. The doctors won’t have to remove the shoe to put a cast on it.

I’ve done a lot of stupid things, but dropping weight on my foot has not been one of them, I’m fairly certain your safe to lose the shoes.



     Posted on Fri ,25/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

4 rds

400m hill repats

400m recovery

rest 5 Min

Lucky 7s

7rds For time

7 MB Clean 20#

7 Pushups


     Posted on Thu ,24/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

“G.I. Jane”

For time

100 Burpee pull ups


     Posted on Wed ,23/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

5 Rds for Time

3 Power Cleans 155#/100#

6 Push Ups

9 Knees to elbows

30 sec rest

Cameron Hodge (2nd from left)







On behalf of all your fellow CrossFitters at the Colosseum, Congratulations!!!



Omega-3 supplements show promise in treating depression


     Posted on Tue ,22/06/2010 by paul

Rest Day

High levels of added sugar linked to heart disease: study

Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters · Monday, Jun. 21, 2010

Eating a lot of sugar not only makes you fat. It may also increase a person’s risk for heart disease, U.S. researchers said last week. (Read More)

Omega 3 Benefits


     Posted on Mon ,21/06/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

7 rds for time

3 Front Squat 185#/120#

10 Pull ups