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Quest to run using the Pose Method

In the 70’s a Russian scientist, University teacher & University Track Team Coach Nicholas Romanov developed a method of teaching sport specific techniques. He called it the Pose Method.  The Pose Method will allow you to run faster, with less effort and injury free.

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

First some background.  I’m a CrossFitter with a running problem.  I was running 70 miles a week at a 6-7 min mile using the conventional running method.  After the first clinic last July with Carl Borg, I had trouble putting my new found skills to use.  When I would do my skills and drills for Pose it was relatively easy.  It was the longer runs that were difficult.  I keep falling back into my habits of a long stride and heel strike. I think this was do my fitness level.   After 6 weeks of struggling to run 9min mile using Pose I got frustrated and realized that I would need a better plan.  I did learn a few things.  I dropped my junk mile and kept the high cadence of 180 steps/minute.

With the opening CrossFit Colosseum in September we started to host several certs, including Dr Romanov’s cert on the Pose Method.  In January I stopped running and started to plan how I was going make the Pose Method stick.  It is now the beginning of Apr and I have laced up the runners once again.

Over the next couple of months I will keep you posted on my progress.

Ben’s Paleo Challenge

1 Apr 2010

Breakfast: scrambled eggs…… and i mean scrambled, salt, pepper and cilantro. tasty

Lunch: did the whole chicken on the BBQ thing. Salt, pepper, lemon juice and cooked tile  the pink on the inside was gone. tasted great problem was the chicken was all i had, i should have tossed some fruit in cause it just ran through my system with out stopping.

Dinner: by the time the chicken was out of the system i thought id do a big salad kinda dinner trying the chicken out again. so  spinach, lettuce, tomato, chicken strips, lemon juice,pepper and a fork. it took nothing to make but tasted like it had a lot of room for improvement. i was thinking to add oranges or strawberries but was too  far in to the salad by the time i thought of it.

This is why they say to take the time and think of your meals so you can plan what they are ahead of time.  It saves on money and time while your shopping.

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