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Rest Day

The Math Explained

(LBM x  Activity Level) / 7 (grams of protein per pound required to support LBM)

If you do not know your lean body mass (LBM), then you can also eat for the weight you want to weigh. You can roughly figure out your LBM with a tape measure and some internet searching, it will be close it won’t be exact.

Activity level – Ranges from 0.5 to 1.0

0.5 means you have a heart beat and you walk to your car in the morning.

1.0 – Reserved for high level athletes you generally train hard most of your day.

0.7 – This is where most CrossFitters rain in at 3 days on 1 off.

The Math

180lbs athlete with 10% body fat = 162lbs LBM

(162x.7) / 7 = 16.2 (rounded off to 16 blocks)

Now, just because you are eating for a weight of 162 does not mean you are going to hit that exact weight. Everyone is different, this is just a guide line to get you on the right track. You continue to follow that block system until you no longer are able to lose weight. Then you take it down another block. Until you reach your goal. The zone diet also works for gaining weight as well, by increasing your block count. If by chance you want to lose a lot of weight, then you should knock it down in smaller attempts, for example if you weigh 250lbs, LBM of 180lbs, then eat for a weight of 220, until you are no longer able to lose weight then adjust from there. Making huge jumps will cause your body to go into starvation mode and you will see diminished results with your weight loss.

For Example

(220×0.7) /7 = 22 Blocks Once you achieve a weight close to 220, you would then recalculate.

(200×0.7)/7 = 20 Blocks  Carry this system on until your goal is achieved.

Most Diets last 2 weeks, because people “feel like crap”. Do not fall into that pit trap, It takes your body time to adapt. You cannot change something in your diet and expect instant results. It takes time for your body to change over to proper nutrition and adapt. Not everyone feels bad starting off, I am just giving you a heads up.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it give trail run and see for yourself.

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