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21 Burpees

100m run

21 Pull ups

1 Hammer strike left and right

19 Burpees

100m run

19 Pull ups

2 Hammer strike left and right

continue till

1 Burpees

100m run

1 Pull ups

21 Hammer strike left and right

Ben’s Paleo Challenge


So up to this point I have been trying an experiment trying to mix the paleo diet with cheat days during the weekend.  The words EPIC FAIL! could only be made so bold. pretty much I tried to mix being allowed to drink and eat candy back into the mix and tried out some cheese. It didn’t work out to well. For the last month I’ve kept my body to a very easy diet and I dont think it liked the old one back again. even thought I would stick to the diet during the week the weekends would kill me. my allergies came back and again I lost a huge amount of sleep because of it.

But now, back on the wagon after trying to hold onto it from the side my plans move forward for my body. my goal now is to stay on this diet and conduct cross-fit once a week and again after another month see how much I cut off my baseline. and thanks to the warmer weather I can now go outside and run more freely. so ill keep you all informed more often of whats going on.

Breakfast: me loving the home made omlettes still. 2 eggs, mushrooms, red peppers and onions now. little salt and pepper go along way.

Lunch:  was some great BBQ chicken, little bit of lemon and salt and your in heaven. some apples and bananas didn’t hurt either, but man was i full after.

Dinner: Salad with spinach and fish. salt and lemon with cut up nectarines. mixed all in together it tasted great. and enough for tomorrow too

Even after a day of being back on track i feel better all ready and can feel my allergies getting better and the effects less and less.

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