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Workout Of the Day

3 Rounds for time

400m run

21 Kettle Bell Swings

12 Pull ups

Ben’s Paleo Challenge

Now in the public eye army food has never been something appealing to anyone, but for this past weekend they did a good job so I cant complain.

Breakfast: The army has a tradition of always having eggs for breakfast, but because i could only imagine how they made them i chose to stick with the hard boiled version. I had a good chunk of beef jerky with the eggs during shift, but none the less it was to satisfactory.

Lunch: I ended up eating the meat and the corn but that was about it, at this point i found out that i would be rationing my jerky for the rest of the day.

Dinner: dinner had a salad with it so I had plenty of it, pretty plain though but you cant make everyone smile. had what i think was a burger and carrots and beans.

The dinner is what made my day considering that i wasnt in bed till about 10:30 that night and woke up at 01:30 to get ready to go back out to the world the next day. for night snacks there was a soup left out that was pretty good tasted like a mix of chicken broth and vegetables with barley in it.

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