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Rest Day

Working security as a bouncer in Toronto is never an easy task.  Your risk of injury/danger is greatly increased if you are a fool/meat head/hothead – AND if you are OUT of SHAPE.

For instance, a couple weeks ago we had a brawl break out right in front of the club. After several minutes, 7 patrons were restrained on the ground (still struggling to get up), some right in the middle of Bloor Street.

After order was finally restored, I remember having two distinct thoughts.  My first was wondering how many people had their phones out recording the entire incident.  My guess was there were at least 50 smart-phones up in the air, with eager eyes antsy for more action.  My second thought was profoundly surprising……I’m not tired.  I’ll type that again….I’M NOT TIRED.

Now this thought may not be earth shattering to the average person, but I’ve always said in casual conversation that a fight or full out wrestling match is a great indicator of your physical capacity.  Most people CAN’T wrestle for 3 minutes straight at a high level of intensity.  Think about it.  Could you?

Back to the brawl…..

The cops arrive, they cuff the 7 prostrate men, and they ask us questions as to what transpired.  I remember breathing very relaxed and normal, feeling fine to continue my shift.

With only 1 month of CrossFit under my belt, I knew the training I did in that well lite warehouse was translating into PERFORMANCE.  Why else do you train to the point of vomiting?  To look good in a tight v-neck shirt? Not for me…

Now you may not relate to this story, but replace the brawl with:
– running for the bus/streetcar
– carrying groceries to your car in that ridiculously huge parking lot
– picking your kids (notice I said kids not kid) up from the ground when you get home
– moving that mother-of-a-dresser for your in-laws
– shoveling your driveway
– putting up that heavy light fixture in the ceiling

Now I find myself taking the stairs at my condo, not minding where I park because I can carry the box of water easily, and feeling on top of the world because I can catch and hold my wife when she runs and jumps into my arms (VITAL NOTE:  She didn’t gain weight, I was weak).  I am no longer trying to do the easy thing, but the challenging task.  That alone is exciting.

To all the people who not only carried the garbage to the curb, but did it with walking lunges and carrying the bags over head….you are the elite, the crazy, the sold-out few who now can PERFORM in real life.

Michael Reventar

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  1. Paul Stokes Says:

    Well said Michael! It does not take long to notice the difference, or, in the case of “garbage bag lunges”, become addicted to CrossFit.

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