CrossFit Colosseum
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Hi Paul, Here is the testimonial I would like to share with you:

“CrossFit Colosseum provides a fast, friendly, and intense experience. You will see immediate benefits even if you’ve hit a wall at an ordinary gym with your ordinary routine. The gym’s workouts focus on the same fundamental movements that you see in gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and plyometrics (and beyond). However, the core elements combine in new ways in each workout (changed daily) so that instead of growing complacent you are consistently challenged to grow stronger, faster, and better. With its supportive social environment, spacious and well-equipped facility, and expert trainers, in my view there is no better place to do CrossFit in the GTA. My fitness improves weekly, and I am constantly challenged. I recommend it most highly and hope to see you there.”


Benjamin Alarie
Associate Professor
University of Toronto Faculty of Law

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  1. paul Says:

    Thanks Ben!

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