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Workout Of the Day

Skill of The Week Handstand Walks

ME – L-sit on rings ( 3 attempts )

8min AMRAP

15 Hand release push-ups

10 Power Snatch @ 75#/45#

New book out by Jeff Martone

Kettlebell RX –The complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches

The cover page states exactly what the book is all about. It is a complete guide to Kettlebell training directed at athletes and coaches. It’s an illustrated guide from the most simple to the very advanced including program designs.

The authors’ summary of experience and accomplishments on the first page, give the book credibility and definitely aroused my interest.
After a short overview, the book goes down to business immediately with a warm-up followed by the basics of the different types of swings. Each section is illustrated through colored photographs. It starts off with the complete move, followed by the breakdown of the move and how to prepare for it. Also illustrated, which is as helpful as the move itself, are the common mistakes and how to correct them. Because sometimes learning what you do wrong and correcting it is better retained. The book encourages the reader to master the skill and aim for perfection rather than speed or excessive weight for the ego. The book is far away from a boring dry textbook. It feels as if Jeff Martone is right beside you coaching you. The book has a very personable writing style and is filled with quotes and anecdotes not only to emphasize but also amplify the consequences of having the wrong technique and remind the reader to master the simple move first.
The book also has an underlying thread of incorporating CrossFit with workout examples and a hint of humoristic criticism in the department of overtraining which so many are victims of.
You want to start working on your kettlebell skills immediately.

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