This will be the first of a monthly blog addressing running as an integral component in your fitness regime. So what does it take to embrace running as part of your fitness regime? First be repared to take baby steps. Second realize is it not not a sport for those demanding instant gratification. Third find a run group, and make it your priority. By now you have seen our cadre of runners gathering in the entrance every Tuesday and Thursday preparing for our weekly training runs. As runners we look at the cross fit folks and often times say “we can’t do that, I have no strength, no flexibility, it will ruin my running”. Running is an activity we do in cross fit, but most think of it as the pain in the butt warm-up activity, or maybe the unnecessary component of a WOD we do every so often. However based on a my experience and that of my fellow runners and cross fit devotees the two activities are not diametrical opposed but act synergistic-ally to improve ones overall fitness. So why consider running with our group? Here are some of my personal reflections on running.
Running group
1 Running showed me who I am and, equally important who I am not. I learned through
running I need privacy and solitude to re-charge.

2 When I started running 10 years ago it made me newly aware of my body and my
responsibility to take care of it. Pride and self discipline. By the way it wasn’t easy at the
beginning. I could not run for more than a minute at a time. My dog just looked at me as
if to say “Im not here to see your walk”.

3 Yet by persevering I discovered that the successful completion of a marathon or an Iron
man gave me the confidence to believe that within my own limits I could achieve what
ever physical or psychological goal I set for myself as long as I was prepared to put in
the effort.

4 Running has shown me the importance of the individual within the collective. Running is
an individual activity but when done within a group of fellow supportive runners the
collective does get better.
So why not come out and gives us a try. The only competition is one you establish for yourself.
We run as a collective and no one is left behind. If you do cross fit and can walk 20 minutes without
stopping you can run.
Make it your New Years resolution.
Hope to see you Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 PM . Let us begin the cross fit to walk to run adventure