Hello Warriors! Hope you’ve all enjoyed a relaxing weekend.

This is the first instalment of the new COLOSSEUM WARRIOR BLOG!! So for this month I (Domonique ) am taking it over and sharing my TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS (and the GOOD STUFF TOO) of a DRY JANUARY !!

As I’m sure most of you do, I was goal setting for this year, and decided I would do a DRY January. Not sure what that is? Well…it’s a month alcohol free- that’s right… Sans booze, sauce free… no Fine Wine Fridays or Fiesta Thursday… no more “oh this was the wine of the month bottle,” or “come on over for whine wine nights”… none… zero … zip!

Why am I putting myself through this you ask? Well there are a few reasons… 1) I have been eating EVERYTHING and drinking EVERTHING ELSE since November kicked off, and let’s get serious, you can’t out train a bad diet. 2) Thanks to reason one… I have gained weight and no not the “oh but you work out… you’re all muscle” kind… more like that “I’ve been consuming liquid calories a few too many times a week and now my overpriced jeans don’t fit” kind. 3) It’s alcohol… it really is not GOOD for you… it doesn’t HELP you do anything … I mean, it may make for some funny stories… some good memories, and some you’re glad you don’t remember, but it’s entirely unnecessary and really not that great for you so if you can cut it out… why wouldn’t you? Last but not least 4) it is a test to see how much self-control I really have… can I really do this? No I don’t want a drink after work, no thank you I’ll have sparkling water with dinner, and so it goes. Can I make it through this month keeping up with my normal calendar socially and all and still not give in? WHELP… we shall see!
Oddly enough I started this on Jan. 1 2017, and, I kid you not, EVERY DAY CP24 has been broadcasting something about how alcohol is directly linked to every type of cancer (especially liver), oh and heart disease and a bunch of other medical conditions I’m not interested in having… they say timing is everything. #motivation
So here goes – Week one in the books.
This week hasn’t been as bad as I had suspected. Four day work weeks are always exciting, and coming off the holidays my drive and motivation is always in top form. Being a tad hung over from New Year’s also helped, you know the “I’m never drinking again” talk? Yup well for these 31 days I AM that girl!
I also dialled in my diet and cut sugar, dairy (for the most part) and grains- so much change !
I focused on what I was eating, how much, when, was I getting hungry etc… and making sure I got to the gym, ROM WOD – the usual. It didn’t even really cross my mind until Thursday. Co-workers making mention of after work drinks, and of course the ever supportive friends at work with “you look like you need a drink” – thanks guys! But declining was easy – bar food isn’t an option and I really wanted to get to the gym. Even the glass of wine with dinner to chill out – no problem eliminating it this week. Until Friday…
Long day at work, out for dinner with an ex co-worker who immediately pulls out the drink list and says “LOOK, all these drinks are half price at happy hour!”. Listen: I know what I signed up for, I know it’s not meant to be easy, but half price happy hour Friday CMON! I turned it down, explained my situation – she agreed she won’t have a cocktail then… but we would still get wine with dinner right? This is the tricky part… people understand, but not really. So I decline… explain it’s NO alcohol, not NO cocktails. To my surprise she’s down! She’s all in! No booze for me no booze for her! Sweet.
Next stop that evening was to meet for a bday – as I sit down they’re ordering drinks… A friend places their order and turns to me “what are you having?” I answer; club soda with lime (so fancy I know). My friends response “no, no, but to drink, what will it be? Red? White? Bourbon?” I smile…explain dry January and here comes the winner “yea, yea, no, I know you’re doing that but we’re out … you can have one drink”… - this is the hardest response. It’s true, one drink won’t kill anyone… won’t set the world on fire, likely won’t really do much for me either. BUT the point is NO alcohol, none, not even that one or two drinks when you really want them. So there I sat with my delicious bubbly water while he enjoyed his double something-or-other.
It’s shocking and incredible how social drinking is, and how when you aren’t one of them (people drinking) you’re the oddity. The peer pressure to drink even as an adult is almost crushing- and now when I don’t part take in drinking, the next question is “oh, cause you’re prego right?” No (jerk) I am not. It’s hard to turn down something that seems so normal, tougher when your friends don’t support you. Trying to maintain DRY January and a normal social calendar may prove to be much harder than I had anticipated.
The next night was fine – I had planned this ahead and made dinner plans with a friend I knew wouldn’t drink… so when we were asked our drink order we asked for sparkling water in wine glasses and cheersed our way through dinner. Funny enough turns out our waitress was also attempting a dry January but had been out with her mother who insisted she have a margarita with her – see that even family members get ya in the end!
This is certainly a test of willpower – and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. The plus sides are 1) I’m down a few pounds in a week (yes I know its bloating and it’s going to be slower moving forward but we are all human; we want to see abs after 5 sit ups… instant gratification is everything! So seeing the scale drop along with me was BOMB) and 2) I’m sleeping better – alcohol gives me really bad insomnia and anxiety – which I can happily report have been next to nothing this week (also BOMB) lastly 3) NO HANGOVERS! Woke up early both days this weekend feeling crisp and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Also feeling less bloated/puffy and finding eating better much easier as I’m not looking to satiate those hangover –ish cravings, or carbs to fill my belly.