Some people get excited for Christmas, some people really enjoy Easter but the Crossfit Colosseum Warriors all know – it’s open season that really matters!

The Open is the time of year for all of us to truly come together as a community and support the hell out of each other.  It’s not about what you can or can’t do, instead it’s all about pushing yourself to your limits and helping everyone around push through to theirs.  You never really know just how far you can go until you get there – and there’s no better time of year to see just how far you can go!
The open consists of 5 workouts over a 5 week period – every Thursday then new wod gets released and you have until the following Wednesday to submit your scores.
This is a world wide culmination of CrossFitters completing these work outs to the best of their abilities. This is an ALL LEVEL ATHLETE competition from Rx’d to scaled, masters to teens. The Open is used by many as a bench mark and once completed many start goal setting for next season!
In 2018 we had 135 dedicated warriors sign up and complete the Open workouts.  Our 2019 goal is 160 glorious warriors who will show up, throw down and lift each other up during this season!  Get yourself signed up ASAP!
As in years past each Saturday will be dedicated to the Open workouts.  There will be heats setup and judges available for you! Come complete your work out and then spend some time cheering on your fellow Warriors as they push through themselves. No sign-up necessary- just show up and get the work done!  If you can’t make a Saturday speak to Paul or any of the coaches to set up another day/time you can attend and be judged!
Look out for more info to follow in March 2019 for a “Post Open Goal” setting session.  Let’s use all this effort during the Open to set our selves up with new goals, new standards  and new successes in 2019! More details to follow. If you have any questions or want more info please see Paul and start thinking of what goals you’re looking to set for yourself! We look forward to working with you towards achieving all you ever thought possible and maybe even more!