We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to our April “Warrior of the Month”. We chose Barry Mooney to be our Warrior of the month. Barry was chosen because we believe he embodies our gym’s core values of:

Work hard, play hard and a positive attitude
Arrive early and stay late
Recognize your weaknesses & strive to improve
Realistic expectations
Invest in the gym community
Open minded towards training
Respect yourself, others, coach & equipment

Name:Barry Mooney
Occupation:Management Consultant
How were you introduced to CrossFit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?  After 13 years at Goodlife, did a workout with a client at 306 Crossfit in Saskatoon just over 3 years ago …and never looked back. Immediately quit Goodlife and joined the Crossfit community.
What made you decide to join our Gym?By far the best box I have ever been part of in the GTA…the people, the equipment, the community…and how I’m motivated to be around so many fucking amazing crossfitters, all play a big role in making it the best for me.
Favourite Lifts/ Wods? Why?  Deadlifts ’cause I love the movement. Fight Gone Bad …’cause I love chipping away.
3 Things you would find in my fridge?  Eggs, back bacon and kombucha.
What is your guilty pleasure?  Pizza and chips.
Proudest Accomplishments:  Quit drinking over 20 years ago and lost 75 pounds.
Something people wouldn’t know about me: I’m a 70s Rexdale Boy.