In the early morning hours of February 24th, Russia launched a full scale invasion on the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Despite Russia’s propaganda efforts to push an alternate reality materialized in the mind of the dictatorial megalomaniac Vladimir Putin, this intensified Russian aggression was unprovoked, illegal and against all international norms. This is a dangerous exercise in hubris and treacherous magical thinking on the part of Putin and the world should be concerned. In just six days Russia’s war on Ukraine has resulted in the needless deaths of over 350 Ukrainian civilians (at least 16 of which are children) and the displacement of over 500,000 people who had been peacefully residing in Ukraine. Ukrainians are alone on the ground bravely defending their land and have been defiant in the face of what is ultimately an existential threat to what it means to be Ukrainian and to Western democratic values writ large.

This Saturday beginning at 9am I will be stationed at our gym to answer questions, engage in dialogue and show you ways you can help through donations after you complete 22.2.