We all want to get better and improve some aspect of our performance – and we know that a lot of the time more than one person is looking for the same information.  We’ve decided to add our all new “Hey Coach” series so that our coaches are able to share their insight on questions and coachable items  while ensuring all our athletes/warriors have access to these answers! Let’s get stronger and better together 

Let’s talk about increasing volume of any movement.  One of the best tools an athlete can use  is the Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM).  The reason we like the EMOM is that it can be used to build your engine, improve technique, “fun”, and like all athletes it allows us to see results.

You only need to do a 10 Min EMOM. That means it can be part of your warmup or accessory work and can be added a few times a week.   It keeps volume and intensity under wraps.  More is not always better.  It takes 3 to 6 months for tendons and ligaments to adjust to increased volume.  If you add volume to quickly you could have a set back.

Pull Up example.
Let’s say you can do one pull-up.  That’s great but you want to do lots more.  Do 1 Pull up Every Minute On the Minute for 10 Mins.  Once you can complete that 3 sessions in a row add 1 pull up. So that would be 2 Pull Ups EMOM for 10 Minutes.  If you only manage make it through 4 rounds you’re done.

Unlike a normal WOD the rest periods in an EMOM allow you to analyze your technique and make adjustments to your set up, weight and or rep scheme.

As for fun….. who can’t rope the friends to join them for 10min

Got a question? Ask your coach.