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$10 OFF of your membership* for as long they remain a member.


The more friends your refer, the more you save!

* Must be an active member

Thank you all for praising the community and encouraging your family and friends to begin their fitness journeys.

 As a thank you for your support, we would like to offer you a discount. For every new member* you refer, you will receive $10 off your membership for as long as they remain a member. We’ll move you up to the next membership level if you’ve maxed out your discount.

Eg. Bronze + 1 Referral $130 – $10 = $120

Bronze + 5 Referral $130 – $50 = $80

Bronze + 12 Referral $130 – $120 = $10 and you move to a Silver membership

To Refer a friend, Co-Worker, Family member?

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