CrossFit Colosseum
Feed the Warrior Within!

Benefits of CFK Colosseum Little Warriors Program

CrossFit Kids Colosseum Little Warriors is the ideal way to combine fitness and FUN! This program includes teaching fundamental skills and movements essential for life, health, and sport. The directors of the CrossFit Kids Colosseum Little Warriors, Kate Walsh and Carri Broos, are passionate about teaching kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle, fitness and fun. By incorporating some of the following fitness components (strength, stamina, flexibility, cardio respiratory endurance, power, speed, accuracy, agility, coordination, and balance) into the daily workouts and games, kids are learning valuable life lessons.

This program is designed to teach your child:

  • Fitness and hard work can be fun
  • How to be patient and solve problems through physical fitness
  • How to set fitness goals and see them through
  • How to be a team player and work together as a group
  • And much, much more!

Our goals at CrossFit Colosseum include:

  • Improving self-confidence/self-esteem
  • Helping kids create friendships and build camaraderie with others
  • Reversing or improving upon current health issues or concerns
  • Providing emotional supports through fitness
  • Programming balanced physical activity both in and out of season
  • Introducing movements and skills necessary for life and sport
  • Offering a safe environment for growth and development
  • Learning the relationship between work and play
  • Modifying workouts to meet the individual fitness needs of each child