CrossFit Colosseum
Feed the Warrior Within!


Mission Statement

We will train our clients using functional movements that are constantly varied and conducted at high intensity.

We will educate the community about proper functional movements that will increase output in their day to day activities.

We will help clients reach their individual goals while becoming in tune with the concept of General Physical Preparedness.

What is CrossFit

The CrossFit training method is a relatively new form of physical training, but the definition of the technique goes much deeper than that. The CrossFit method is a way to build whole-body functional fitness coupled with preparing a person for most physical challenges. The method employs various calisthenics, free weights, gymnastic rings, kettle bells, and pull-up bars. The goal of CrossFit training is to create the “Quintessential Athlete”, preparing the individual for the physical challenges in life.    In Canada and the US, many of the police and fire departments, as well as branches of the military in both countries are basing more and more of their physical training on the CrossFit principle.

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists are elite trained sports injury management specialists and are an integral part of your  physical training and injury rehabilitation.  The athletic therapists at CrossFit Colosseum are also trained to create and modify exercise programs to all levels of training.  Whether you’re a golfer,   runner, hockey player a serious athlete or weekend warrior.

When you are slowed down by muscle or joint injury CrossFit Colosseum’s onsite  athletic therapists have the expertise to get you back to your training as soon as possible.

Athletic Therapist are the individuals you see on the ice or field taking care of the Toronto Maple Leafs,  Raptors, Blue Jays or Toronto FC. Highly trained and motivated the athletic therapists will make sure you get the most out of your membership to CrossFit Colosseum.


Paul McIntyre

  • Head Trainer/Owner
  • Retired From Canadian Armed Forces after 30 yrs of service
  • Competed in the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF RESERVE NCOs Military Heptathlon for three years as a member of Team Canada; medal-ed in the all three years.
  • CrossFit Games Regional Director for Canada East 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • CrossFit Certifications –

Level 1

Olympic lifting





Movement & Mobility


Kettle bell





  • Ontario Weight Lifting Coaches Course
  • An advisor and instructor to the Canadian military and to international security corporations on fitness evaluation,  training and program development.
  • Train soldiers for international competition and deployment
  • Successfully prepared individuals for selection to Elite Units