Almost every day, a member asks a question about a workout, scaling, diet, or something to do with CrossFit.  As a result of AMA, the coaches are able to answer questions from a broader audience.  We will post the answer to best question every month.

What’s the point of the clock?

CrossFit is completely empirical in its methodology. Only facts that can be measured, observed, and repeated can be considered reliable. This approach is referred to as “evidence-based fitness.” What does that mean to us? We want results. That’s what keeps us coming back. Regardless of whether the workout is a Task or Time priority, the clock helps us collect data. Does it end there? Absolutely not. On the athletes’ side, you have to log your results. Not just your time, but as much data as possible. Did you perform the WOD as it was written, i.e. scaled or Rx’d? You can add other data as well, environment, health, HR data etc. Our programming team analyzes gym results and adjusts/biases programming to stimulate results. Final thoughts…. log your results on Beyond The Whiteboard.