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     Posted on Sat ,30/07/2011 by paul

Workout Of the Day


Skill of The WeekKipping Pull-up
For Time
30 Squats
30 Pull-ups
30 Sit-ups



First Global Estimates of Celiac Disease and

Its Mortality Burden: 42,000 Children May Die Every Year

ScienceDaily (July 27, 2011) — Researchers from

Umeå University, Sweden and University of the Witwatersrand,

South Africa, have compiled the first global estimates of celiac

disease and associated mortality, just published in the journal

PLoS ONE. These estimates suggest that around 42,000 children

may die every year from celiac disease, mostly from Africa and Asia.

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Workout Of the Day

5 Rds for Time

3 Power Cleans 155#/100#

6 Push Ups

9 Knees to elbows

30 sec rest

Cameron Hodge (2nd from left)







On behalf of all your fellow CrossFitters at the Colosseum, Congratulations!!!



Omega-3 supplements show promise in treating depression


     Posted on Mon ,17/05/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

15 min AMRAP

10 Push Press 95#/65#

10 Knee to Elbows

The numbers on Canadian fitness are in, and they’re ugly

Jill Barker, Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Statistics from the recently released Canadian Health Measures Survey (see details below) stating that Canadians are fatter and less fit than they were 25 years ago shouldn’t have come as any surprise. News of our expanding girth and couch-potato lifestyle has been circulating for years. Trouble is, we’ve done very little to curtail what is often referred to as an obesity epidemic. Read more


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Workout Of the Day


3 rds For Time

800m Run

50 Sit up

50 Back extensions

Nearly third of children globally are couch potatoes

Reuters Published: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NEW YORK — North American children aren’t the only couch potatoes with nearly one third of children globally spending three hours a day or more watching TV or on computers, according to study of over 70,000 teens in 34 nations.


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Workout Of the Day

Dead Lift

















Fewer toddlers getting all their vaccinations, CDC says – Paul Daly For The Globe and Mail

A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finds parents still cite autism fears despite retraction of flawed study


     Posted on Thu ,29/04/2010 by paul

Workout Of the Day

For Time
400m Run
5 Deadlift 225#/150#


The Claim: Lack of Sleep Increases Weight
Published: April 26, 2010
Looking to lose a little weight? Portion size and exercise are crucial. But don’t forget about a good night’s rest.


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Rest Day

Start them young….

And they will become powerful!


Spiegel: 2009 swine flu pandemic a boost for Big Pharma

The Swine Flu Panic of 2009


     Posted on Mon ,22/03/2010 by paul

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed at the Ontario Sectionals.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work over the last few day.

Tomorrow the site will be back to normal!

Ben’s Paleo Challenge

Monday: was the cleaning day…… sort of. Again not going to lie I spent most of t on eBay trying to find cheap kit for army stuff. Found out it kind of doesn’t exist.

Breakfast: My favorite omelet again. Yes I buy a lot of eggs when I go shopping each week, green peppers no mushrooms onions and a very VERY small pinch of cinnamon. Tastes great!

Lunch: which was around two today…..Cough (EBAY ADDICTION), was very nice tried out the old chicken salad. Cut up some chicken breasts length wise then quarter them. Cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and spinach. And if you spice the chicken up with some cilantro it adds great flavor to it. Mind you I made so much I didn’t realize id eaten it all while doing the eBay thing.

Dinner: was very simple I had some burgers, mind you these burgers were completely within all the rules. Grass fed no preservatives. Taste was to die for. Seriously go to any butcher lay the rules down. Organic butchers are pretty good for this, tell them what your looking for and most of the time they get you some great stuff. Just stay away from chipolte steak. …… three words. RING OF FIRE.


     Posted on Mon ,18/01/2010 by paul

GI Jane

For time

100 Burpee with Pull ups

Toronto Police Fitness Award

137 new constables for the Toronto Police receive their badges on 14 Jan 2010.  During the graduation ceremony Const.  Jae Park presented an award for being the most physically fit officer.  Jae is a CrossFitter and a member of CrossFit Colosseum.

Well done Jae!