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     Posted on Thu ,07/07/2011 by paul

Hi Paul, Here is the testimonial I would like to share with you:

“CrossFit Colosseum provides a fast, friendly, and intense experience. You will see immediate benefits even if you’ve hit a wall at an ordinary gym with your ordinary routine. The gym’s workouts focus on the same fundamental movements that you see in gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and plyometrics (and beyond). However, the core elements combine in new ways in each workout (changed daily) so that instead of growing complacent you are consistently challenged to grow stronger, faster, and better. With its supportive social environment, spacious and well-equipped facility, and expert trainers, in my view there is no better place to do CrossFit in the GTA. My fitness improves weekly, and I am constantly challenged. I recommend it most highly and hope to see you there.”


Benjamin Alarie
Associate Professor
University of Toronto Faculty of Law


     Posted on Wed ,07/04/2010 by paul

I wanted to write this as a way to say thank you to CrossFit, specifically CrossFit Colosseum. I am both a police officer and a soldier. Almost immediately, I began to notice the benefits of training with extreme intensity in both of my professions. As a police officer, almost on a daily basis, I am involved in situations that test my endurance and strength. From lengthy foot pursuits to people resisting arrest, I cannot say enough about the requirement to have enough left in the tank to effect the arrest once you actually catch the person. As a soldier, it goes without saying that muscular endurance is paramount. It is all about the ability to sustain yourself for long periods of time, over difficult terrain, in difficult weather conditions usually wearing very heavy loads and still be able to fight.

For the last several months, I have been experiencing the best of both worlds. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan as a police mentor. Every day, when I go to work, I am wearing over 70 lbs of kit. My job involves involves a lot of foot patrols, many in excess of 10 km. In this environment, the importance of watching your arcs instead of sucking wind cannot be understated.

Back at the FOB, I am doing the WOD and still get strange looks from the bigger is better crowd. I am spreading the word about CrossFit to as many soldiers as I can. On a personal note, I am 40 years old and I only wish I had CrossFit 20 years ago when I first joined the Army.

Craig Dickie


     Posted on Tue ,30/03/2010 by paul

Rest Day

Working security as a bouncer in Toronto is never an easy task.  Your risk of injury/danger is greatly increased if you are a fool/meat head/hothead – AND if you are OUT of SHAPE.

For instance, a couple weeks ago we had a brawl break out right in front of the club. After several minutes, 7 patrons were restrained on the ground (still struggling to get up), some right in the middle of Bloor Street.

After order was finally restored, I remember having two distinct thoughts.  My first was wondering how many people had their phones out recording the entire incident.  My guess was there were at least 50 smart-phones up in the air, with eager eyes antsy for more action.  My second thought was profoundly surprising……I’m not tired.  I’ll type that again….I’M NOT TIRED.

Now this thought may not be earth shattering to the average person, but I’ve always said in casual conversation that a fight or full out wrestling match is a great indicator of your physical capacity.  Most people CAN’T wrestle for 3 minutes straight at a high level of intensity.  Think about it.  Could you?

Back to the brawl…..

The cops arrive, they cuff the 7 prostrate men, and they ask us questions as to what transpired.  I remember breathing very relaxed and normal, feeling fine to continue my shift.

With only 1 month of CrossFit under my belt, I knew the training I did in that well lite warehouse was translating into PERFORMANCE.  Why else do you train to the point of vomiting?  To look good in a tight v-neck shirt? Not for me…

Now you may not relate to this story, but replace the brawl with:
– running for the bus/streetcar
– carrying groceries to your car in that ridiculously huge parking lot
– picking your kids (notice I said kids not kid) up from the ground when you get home
– moving that mother-of-a-dresser for your in-laws
– shoveling your driveway
– putting up that heavy light fixture in the ceiling

Now I find myself taking the stairs at my condo, not minding where I park because I can carry the box of water easily, and feeling on top of the world because I can catch and hold my wife when she runs and jumps into my arms (VITAL NOTE:  She didn’t gain weight, I was weak).  I am no longer trying to do the easy thing, but the challenging task.  That alone is exciting.

To all the people who not only carried the garbage to the curb, but did it with walking lunges and carrying the bags over head….you are the elite, the crazy, the sold-out few who now can PERFORM in real life.

Michael Reventar


     Posted on Thu ,28/01/2010 by paul

Rest Day

“CrossFit definitely improved my ability to perform my duties as a professional firefighter both in preparation for physical fitness testing, training as a recruit and on-scene during day-to-day emergency operations. I started really appreciating the difference as my core strength and aerobic capacity increased; both are crucial in my job where heavy lifting, awkward body position, extreme environmental conditions, level of exertion, and repetitive movements can all add up to induce stress on the body. CrossFit takes you that level. You come out of it stronger, able to work safer, less susceptible to injury and confident to survive it all. The functional movements, constant variety and solid results that come with CrossFit enabled me to reach an exceptional level of fitness and motivation way beyond what conventional “gym” exercises could provide.”

Samuel Kim
(Markham) Professional Firefighter


     Posted on Thu ,31/12/2009 by paul

Received from Iain (RCMP), via email

From standing at a collision scene, to running with a police dog handler, to kicking a door at a 911 call, police officers never know for certain what their shift will entail. That is why it is essential that officers be physically prepared to deal with all of these situations. I use CrossFit to develop the explosive power and functional strength needed for the physical tasks expected of me on shift.


     Posted on Sun ,27/12/2009 by paul

Rest Day

Received from Jae, via email

As a Police officer in training and a soldier, fitness is the key to survival for me and my team. Being fit is a very important part of my life. Fitness is also one of the key components of Close Protection operator training. Having had experience with CrossFit before the CP training, it helped me with all the physical requirements needed to become a CP Operator.

I have been doing CrossFit for about 3 years now. I am also CrossFit instructor. I worked out in a traditional manner before CrossFit but never seemed to get the result I always looked for. With CrossFit I see results every day, because of the way it is designed to constantly switch work-outs. It is also very high intensity which I believe is what makes all the difference.

CrossFit Colosseum is an ultimate facility to be working out in. It is well set up with anything you need when it comes to CrossFit (including puke buckets). Work out of the day (WOD) is set so I don’t have to think about what I should work on each day. I highly recommend this CrossFit Colosseum because it is also run by a very qualifying trainer like Paul McIntyre. He is always there to encourage and correct technique when you are working out.


     Posted on Wed ,23/12/2009 by paul

Rest Day

Received from Jim, via email (Banker and father of 3)

When I first saw what CrossFit was all about, I honestly thought the workouts were insane. Being slightly north of 40, there was no way was I going to be able to keep up. I have known Paul for years and he assured me that the workouts would be adapted to my level and that eventually I would be able complete workouts like I had seen on the day of the open house. I trust Paul completely so I signed up.

Well, I am so glad I did. Though it has only been about 2 months, I am already seeing a huge difference in daily life. I am able to take the stairs quickly and not be out of breath and the best was this past hunting season. We have one run that requires you to start at the top of a steep incline. In past years the trek to the top would leave me winded and require a sit down type rest. This year, when I got to the top, I actually at to stop, look around and check the map to make sure I was in the right place. The trek was that easy I figured I must be in the wrong location.

Paul was right when he said the workouts can be scaled to your ability. I have found that even thought I am doing a heavily modified version of the workouts, no one talks down to you about it or makes any discouraging comments. In fact the opposite is true; everyone has been encouraging and supportive.

It has not been without a downside, and my knees have protested at doing the workouts, but that is where CrossFit Colosseum shines. Having direct access to Athletic Therapy means that pains and strains can be looked at right away and dealt with before they become motivation killers. In my case, my workouts have been adapted so that I can continue without slowing down recovery and strengthen to prevent future injury.


     Posted on Sat ,19/12/2009 by paul

close protectionRest Day

Received by email from Gord (Canadian Forces)

The Canadian Forces Close Protection program is made up of highly motivated and physically fit soldiers working together in small teams to provide security for VIPs in a high threat environment.  The course is challenging and many don’t even complete the selection.  Being at peak physical condition allows candidates to perform better and think clearer when in stressful situations compared to those who are just trying to keep up.

I was the PT Instructor for the most recent CP course and the PT program is largely based on CrossFit.  Many of the candidates that were selected for the course had some experience with it and the rankings showed who was best prepared.  CrossFit is the most effective program for developing fitness and the ability to take on any physical challenge.  I trained for my selection and course through CrossFit and had no difficulty with the PT.  While deployed to Afghanistan I coached the other team members the same way I trained and they all went home in the best condition of their lives.

I recommend that anyone trying to achieve new levels of fitness go to CrossFit Colosseum.  The facility is set up with the right equipment and an incredible amount of open space.  The staff can help you learn the techniques properly and safely so you don’t waste time or risk injury.  Don’t underestimate the value of competitive training with other motivated people, I found this to be the key difference between average and exceptional progress.


     Posted on Tue ,15/12/2009 by paul

Rest Daybuz killington

Received by email from Michael (soldier preparing to deploy)

I Discovered CrossFit around the summer of 2005, after searching for fitness program to get me back into shape after a major surgery. After my first few WODs I was hooked and knew this was the program for me, even though my “Globo-gym” wasn’t adequate I still made progress.  This progress increased when I built my own home gym, and began doing regular WODs.  By early 2008 I had cast off my old unfit self and I was steadily holding my own, in workouts with my army unit during PT. At first people were skeptical, since I had never been known, as a “fit” person, but that skepticism soon vanished over time, as my numbers in various WODs kept going up. Soon people were coming to me for workout advice. Where regular infantry work would leave me gassed, I now find I have energy to spare. I have gone from being barely able to complete a 5km run, to setting a personal best 10km at 47mins. I went from barely being able to complete 1 pull-up in 2005, to setting a personal best 15 dead hang pull-ups last year.  If it were not for CrossFit, I would not be training to deploy to Afghanistan at this moment. I owe what I am today to this program.


     Posted on Fri ,11/12/2009 by paul

Rest DayPatrick

Warm up, then PVC skills and drills

Received from Patrick via Face Book msg (High school student)

I played football this past summer before starting the workouts and was physically having trouble playing the amount of time I did.  After one month of CrossFit I noticed a big difference. I was able to play in 3 games this past fall where I didn’t leave the field and played the entire time afterwords feeling great.