JW Foods

Preparing for the Unknowable Made Easier 
A healthy and balanced meal should consist of a portion of:
  • Lean Protein
  • Complex Carb
  • Veggie Green
For athletes with a busy lifestyle finding time to plan, choose and prepare healthy fuelling can be a challenge and one that often results in skipped meals or regrettable fast-food choices. A meal preparation service is an ideal way to ensure that you stay on track and retain your freedom of choice.

JW Foods Meal Butler service delivers to CrossFit Colosseum every Friday for a nominal fee of just $9.00. Interested in giving it a try? Place your order each Wednesday by 6:00pm and pick up on Friday. Take $5.00 off your first order by using promo code “Bulletproof1”. Earn JW Foods “bucks” on your subsequent orders and continue your savings!

Got questions about meal planning or nutrition?  See Coach Kate Mitchell (or Coach Benny) at the gym.

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