Limited Edition CrossFit Regionals T-Shirts

Carolyne Prevost : Top .01% in the world!

Qualifying for Regionals is an unbelievable accomplishment and this year will mark Carolyne’s 5th trip back – this time she sits 3rd..not in our Region, but in the World!  A trip to Regionals costs $$$, weird, eh?

All fundraising to support Carolyne going to Regionals will be generated through the sale of a limited-edition, custom-made 2018 Regionals T-shirt. Each shirt is $30 with 100% of the proceeds supporting her entire Regionals competition process. Want to donate more $$ but don’t want 5000 shirts? We need as much money as you are willing to give.

From $1 to $5000, every $$ counts. If you want to give but don’t want to shell out $30, anything is amazingly generous. $30 or more gets a T-shirt, and you can donate as much as you want per T-shirt, if say, you want to donate $5000 but only want 1 shirt. We’ll take whatever your generosity wants to give.

I can’t express – we can’t express – how thankful we are to this community for the support. This has been, and still will be, a long road up to the Regionals Weekend at the end of May. T-Shirt orders must be made by April 22, 2018 GET’EM IN AND SHOW YOUR WARRIOR PRIDE!!!