Colosseum Sports Therapy Clinic

DSC_0039At CrossFit Colosseum we believe that if you train like an athlete you should be treated like one as well.  We see recovery and injury prevention as an integral part of fitness so that the aches and pains that can come with hard work don’t become chronic injuries. We have incorporated our athletic therapy clinic as a key component of our programs.

Membership includes a limited number of therapy sessions.

Please see PRICING for more information on details about what each level includes. 

Need an adjustment that isn’t covered in your membership? You can book an appointment for either Sports Therapy or Massage outside of what’s included.

DSC_0070Non-members are also welcome.

Assessment $85 (90 minutes)

Treatment $75 (60 minutes)

Massage $75 (50 minutes)

To book an appointment email us.

Soothing and therapeutic relief to help you recover and maintain

Massages feel amazing. They also help you recover and be ready for your next CrossFit workout. Regular massage (once a month or more) can decrease inflammation and swelling, increase mobility, and help you maintain your range of motion, so you can perform your best.

Since our inception, we’ve been helping CrossFit Colosseum members be their best through years of tight IT bands, sore shoulders, and aching glutes. Whether relaxation or targeted deep-tissue work, we’ll get you feeling better on the ASAP.

Our sports therapy and massage experts specialize in helping CrossFit athletes reach their goals because they are CrossFitters too!

What are the benefits of massage for CrossFitters?

Stretches and lengthens your muscles and fascia gently putting it in its place. This will increase your range of motion. Increases circulation getting more oxygen into your body, decreasing recovery time. Decreases stress on your muscles, but also helps relax your mind. Helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, tendons, nerves and bones.

Who can benefit from massage?

Everyone. Whether it’s soreness from a WOD or stiffness from sitting all day at your computer, massage can help. (You don’t have to be a CrossFitter to have a massage at CrossFit Colosseum!)

When should I get a massage?

Wait at least 45 minutes after completing a WOD. Massages can be especially effective during recovery periods like rest days or deload weeks.

Try a massage three days before a competition or race to improve your range of motion and mobility, or immediately after a competition to help you recover quickly.

How often should I get a massage?

In great shape? Get a massage every four to six weeks. If you’re struggling with small nagging injuries, we recommend every two to three weeks. Most importantly, listen to your body.

What is the cost?

2x massage per month included with Gold membership at CrossFit Colosseum!