CrossFit Mobility & Yoga

The physical and mental benefits of mobility and yoga are well known.

At CrossFit Colosseum, our mobility and yoga classes help all of our athletes recover from our high intensity workouts as well as improve their flexibility and balance – two of the 10 physical skills of CrossFit!

Our classes are taught by certified experts who are CrossFitters themselves and understand your aches and pains! Mobility and Yoga is included in our regular membership and we encourage all members to make it part of their health and fitness regimen.


CrossFit Mobility and is an integral part of being a well-rounded athlete. Mobility is a proactive approach to flexibility maintenance and focuses on stretching and varied movements that ensure athletes’ joints and muscles are moving properly and efficiently. Mobility is all about helping your muscles recover and maintaining flexibility.

Mobility Hour
Unload after a week of intense training with 60 minutes of dynamic stretching using foam rollers and lacrosse balls.


CrossFit Yoga is a special blend of yoga moves designed to ensure athletes are staying on track with their stretching and flexibility.

You will see an incredible difference in your ability to move properly through complex lifting movements like snatch, clean etc. after attending the mobility and yoga classes.

Yoga Hour
A stand-alone practice as well as a balanced compliment to weekly CrossFit and Functional Strength workouts.

Mobility and Yoga are both offered once per week at CFC.  Please check the weekly schedule for days/times.