As I sit here and write this article that has been done many times in countless ways, the question is; How does one make this topic succinctly for Crossfit Colosseum’s newest members?

I’m not just talking about those who started this month, I’m talking to the people who have started in the last year and who still get nervous when they walk in the door or look helplessly at the back area with very little idea of what the back part of the gym is for. Those who love Crossfit like newfound lovers but wonder sometimes why Crossfit doesn’t necessarily love them back. I’m writing this for you.

In order to know the best path for Crossfit Colosseum beginners, I went to the people who have lit the path best for me.

Remy Gallego, is the french gentleman of the gym. Quiet, focused, former Crossfit instructor, and a person always willing to give a helping hand to those who ask. To me, he is one of the most genuine people I’ve met at the gym. When asked for tips for those just starting out, here is what Remy shared: Take the time to learn the basics instead of prioritizing complex movements. Be consistent, it doesn’t matter how much you do. How often and how long can you practice will be more effective. Enjoy the journey. Someone that loves what they are doing is more likely to succeed than someone who just focuses on the results he/she expects.

Another person that continually helps, motivates, and just generally makes the space around her shine is Carmen Reyes. She is everything that a Crossfitter should be to me. Committed, inquisitive, and willing to help the people around her with a piece of advice of just a hug when the time calls for it. Her advice: Get ready to train with experts, workouts are never the same, so it is important to always warm up before classes, prioritize mobility and listen to your body. Build confidence and get to know your community who is there to support you. If you are not sure about something, ask your peers. Everyone is there to support you.

An article like this would not be complete without asking one of our trainers. Jose Lima is always present in the gym and continually sets the bar for his classes as well as himself when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Jose’s tips were: Always start with establishing strong form before you worry about how much weight you use. When you walk in the door, leave your ego at the door and focus on listening/learning. Most of all, have fun.

To finish off, I talked to a person that continually inspires me, and just happens to the reason my hockey loving daughter wore #27, Carolyne Prevost. I could take up an entire article of her accomplishments so just let me say, she is one of the very best Crossfit role models one could ask for.

Carolyne’s tips were; Take classes and meet the community. Be patient in learning the basics (mechanics then consistency then intensity). Show up and make the most of your hour workout! Have Fun!

At the end, I leave the tips I wish I was given, or at least took the time to hear, when I started my Crossfit journey; You’re going to fail a lot. Just focus on the journey and walk through the gym door as many times as you can because it will always be worth it. Find people in the gym who inspire you and do everything you can to befrie

nd them. You want people who pull you up, not drag you down. Finally

, love yourself for making this commitment to Crossfit. You are taking on a HUGE challenge and you should be

 so proud of yourself for skipping over the easy solutions and doing one that is harder than most but absolutely, positively, worth it.

See you in the gym.

Dan G