Last weekend, Michelle and I competed in our first competition – Festivus. Festivus is a worldwide event that is held at multiple affiliates across Canada and the US.  We competed at CrossFit Connection in Burlington and were joined by Laura and Eric who rocked it in the intermediate division.

Over the course of the day, we competed in 4 different events. The first workout was a short and spicy blast of dumbbell snatches and skipping. The second workout was a fun deadlift-hang clean-front squat complex. Eric made an epic PR on his clean during his complex that got everyone pumped up for the afternoon. Next, we took on a killer AMRAP that featured rowing, ring rows, wall balls, floor presses, box step-overs and more rowing. It was every cardio queen’s dream…and my nightmare. After picking ourselves off the ground, we brought the heart rate up for one final event – a full-on sprint of burpees over the bar and sumo deadlift high pulls.

Michelle and I were so excited to win our division and to place 6th (out of 800 teams) globally. We are thrilled with the result but the real wins were having fun (as suggested by the WODfather) and hitting the goals we had set in practice. We feel lucky to have had Laura and Eric join us as teammates and were blown away by their grit and determination.

The biggest highlight of the day though, by far, was the love and support we received from the CrossFit Colosseum crew. We had more supporters on site than athletes who were actually competing and our cheering section was easily the loudest. I walked away from the day feeling incredibly lucky to belong to such a great community.

Catch everyone at the next competition.