Did you feel the excitement in the air on March 17th, 2024?

The CrossFit Colosseum running team eagerly laced up their shoes, ready to hit the pavement for the highly anticipated annual St. Patrick’s Race. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, this event not only signifies the beginning of our spring running season but also promises an exhilarating experience for participants of all levels. From the challenging 10k and 5k routes to the adorable 1k kid run, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and conquer.

For me, this was my third time joining the fun, and with each race, the experience gets better and better. There’s something truly special about the inclusivity of this event, where runners and walkers of all ages come together to share in the joy of movement. Watching kids tackle the 1k race with their families and friends cheering them on—it’s moments like these that remind us why we love what we do.

And let’s talk about that post-race vibe—bonding with teammates over shared triumphs, and treating ourselves to a delicious recovery lunch courtesy of the event organizers. It’s these little moments of camaraderie that make all the sweat and effort worth it.


St. Patrick's Run - Medal

25th Anniversary Medal
Designed by Carmen Reyes 

Brian McLean, Founding Volunteer President
Achilles Canada


Oh, and did I mention? Our gym was recognized for having the largest team participation—proof that our dedication and team spirit truly shine bright.

With every step I take, I’m challenging myself to be better, with the support of my Crossfit Colosseum fam. This year’s race was extra special as we explored a new venue—the picturesque Evergreen Brick Works. And running alongside friends, I had the pleasure of supporting my buddy Antonio, who may not be the biggest fan of running, but sure knows how to give it his all.

But beyond the personal victories, participating in events like this allows us to give back to our community and support important causes—a reminder of the power of coming together for something greater than ourselves.

This journey towards a healthier, more active lifestyle has become a true passion of mine, and those medals sitting proudly on my desk serve as a daily reminder of how far I’ve come. And hey, designing this year’s medal was just the cherry on top!

Here’s to many more races, shared victories, and endless moments of joy and camaraderie. See you out there on the road, gym, OLY, fam!

Chao for now
Carmen Reyes



CFC Team:

Antonio, Tara, Paul, Ewan, Simon, Carmen, Vesper, Chris S, Nadine, Chris K, Antie Ashley with nephew James Brandow

Photograher: Irina Marga