Name: Natalie Cybulski

Occupation: National Inventory Analyst (for a surgical 

How were you introduced to CrossFit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?  My friend started doing CrossFit about a year before I started and she was really enjoying it. Curiosity got the best of me, and it’ll be 2 years of CrossFit for me in a few months (June). 

What made you decide to join our Gym?  Moved to the area from downtown in August and needed a new CrossFit gym. Everyone always talked about how big and impressive CFC is, and it didn’t disappoint. 

Favourite Lifts/ WODs? Why?  Power cleans and split jerks. I’ve surprised myself a few times with heavy lifts. 

3 Things you would find in my fridge? Pickles, bubly (sparkling water), and rosé

What is your guilty pleasure?  Reality TV

Proudest Accomplishments?  Completing my first Rx open workout…24.1! Also in 2019 I ran two half marathons after breaking my ankle in January. 

Something people wouldn’t know about me? I love to travel! Most recent big trip was my boyfriend and I went to Ecuador in October for two weeks.  

What music I like listening to while working out?  The louder the volume and the heavier the bass the better. I need the music to block out the pain from the workout.