Name: Chris Bagnell
Occupation:  Director of Marketing
How were you introduced to CrossFit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?
11 years. 
In 2012, I was at a bar bragging to a friend that I would have no problem running Tough Mudder with him. At that point, I hadn’t run for longer than 5km, so out of self-preservation, I joined Colosseum.
What made you decide to join our Gym?
It was local, had a lot of toys, and I didn’t have much time to search before the race. Irina coached me through my first baseline and I felt nauseous for 30 minutes after
Favourite Lifts/ WODs? Why?
The Chief! Love the quick cycling and the cleans (despite some anti-tall person air squats mixed in)
3 Things you would find in my fridge?
Hot Sauce
Protein Bars (because my place is an inferno and they can’t survive outside of the fridge)
What is your guilty pleasure?
Cool Ranch Doritos 
Proudest Accomplishments?
Either the thruster PR in 23.2B (after the shuttle runs and burpee pull-ups) or the first time I strung together strict HSPUs.
Something people wouldn’t know about me?
I’m allergic to eggplant and have ‘friends’ who still try to feed it to me.
What music I like listening to while working out?
Jill Jams! IYKYK