Get ready for the pulse-pounding second round of the 2024 CrossFit Games season! The Quarterfinals are where the competition heats up, and the best of the best are whittled down to the true titans of fitness. These top-tier athletes, who shone brightly in the Open, get a golden ticket to extend their epic journey and join their gym buddies and community members in the thrilling Quarterfinal round.

Individual Women
Carolyne Prevost
Elena Adamopoulos
Corina Schuler
Geetika Sood
Tal Frankel

Individual Men

David Kajpust
Matt Provost
Jose Lima

Age Group
Boys 14-15
Ewan Kirkpatrick
Women 35-39
Sharon Yarde
Michelle Lau
Men 35-39
Thiago Luiz Pontarolli
Arnaldo Castaneda
Remy Gallego
Jonathan Brunetti

Age Group

Women 40-44

Jocelyn-Rose Brogan
Women 45-49
Rania Lutfi
Ana Turner
Robin Mason
Whitney Johnstone
Men (45-49)
Dave Johnstone
Alex Karkic
Men 60-64
Darragh Meagher
Women 65+
Lee Anne Underwood
Men  65+
Jon Turner

Imagine this – the top 25% of individual athletes from each region, who excelled in the Open, are now stepping up their game and moving on to the Individual Quarterfinals of 2024. That’s a whole lot of CrossFit enthusiasts keeping the adrenaline high and their competitive spirit alive!

And let’s not forget about the age group athletes. The top 25% of them worldwide will also be making their way to the age group qualifiers.

The thrilling journey to the Semifinals kicks off with a grueling six-day series of workouts at their affiliates. Starting on a Wednesday morning and wrapping up on a Monday night, this marathon of a competition will determine who has what it takes to move forward to the next level.

In this high-stakes environment, the top 25% of athletes in each region will once again advance from the Open to the Individual Quarterfinals in 2024. This opens the floodgates for a larger portion of the CrossFit community to keep their competition season alive and kicking.